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New Book on Barcelona — Online Now!

I am very pleased to announce the publication of a SECOND book this week — Brief Bits Of Barcelona. This book is available for purchase in several formats — ebook for iPad, hardback, and softcover. Barcelona is one of the places in Europe that we would return to again and again, so I hope this book either encourages a trip there or brings back some of your own memories.




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Brief Bits of Barcelona in PRINT

Brief Bits of Barcelona in EBOOK

I’m already working on the NEXT book, so come back soon for the launch of yet another one (and another, and another…).


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Momentum In Melbourne

For the last several months, I have been p-a-t-i-e-n-t-l-y (for the most part!) breathing deeply through all of the pre-launch-date stages of presenting some NEW BOOKS to the world. These are the first of a series that I’ll be producing and I will be offering them in both print versions and ebook versions. Also, you’ll have a choice of two types of hardback version or the equally groovy paperback version. And for those of you who just love your iPad, I’ll be creating a downloadable ebook version, too!

In the meantime, in addition to actually creating even more books, I am setting up new pages or sections on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest because if you don’t NETWORK like crazy, you aren’t ‘with it’ in the greater scheme of independent marketing. And all of that set-up takes time, too. Thank heavens I have thousands of images to draw upon from our years overseas.

Now — wasn’t that worth waiting for? I’m practically dancing in my chair as I type!

So — here we go…

Do you have older family members who were in Europe during World War II? Parents or grandparents perhaps? Are you a military buff? Are you simply curious about that time period? Then the first of my new books, Echoes Of Place: The Haunting Energy of War in Battlefield France, is for you.


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Echoes Of Place in PRINT

Echoes Of Place in EBOOK

Come back soon for the launch of another book (and another, and another…).

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Do You Do D?

Ah yes, the getting older thing — a few more vitamins here and there, supplements like fish oil and garlic tablets, and all the while you hope that the aches and pains don’t increase.

But what if they do increase? And what if you are suddenly in a whirlwind of medical tests for all sorts of scary things whilst you never have a full night of sleep for months on end and you struggle to even rise from the bed some days due to pain? THAT, my dear readers, is exactly why I have been ‘missing in action’ for the last several months.

It was a huge relief to find out that the Big C was not a scary addition to my life and there were a few other things to deal with that I don’t think are worth mentioning. But then my lovely woman doctor told me that in all of her years in medical practice, she had never seen anyone with a Vitamin D level as low as mine. If 50 and above is normal, mine was a 1 — seriously — a ONE! That charming woman and another one that I met at the hospital the following week said that I must have been walking around under sheer force of will. And of COURSE, they assured me, you were in bone-shattering pain and had brain fog! A vitamin D deficiency will do all of that and more.

I’ve had to have a major rethink about several issues including where we are living, the fact that being on the 3rd floor of a building with no elevator might NOT be a fabbo cardio workout if I am getting sciatic leg lock-up again and again, and there’s also the sheer volume of noise in a major city like Melbourne all day and all night. Add to that the fact that if I have a project in the works, I simply don’t remember to eat in the middle of the day or get enough sleep at night. I’m like a little engine in one of two modes — fully on and ZOOM or almost completely shut down. That doesn’t strike me as a balanced approach and I need to sort that out.

Long story short and so I don’t bore you into a state of glazed eyes, I am now on massive liquid D supplements each day along with D capsules and something called Krill Oil and I’ve been urged to occasionally expose my lily-white skin to the sun. And all of that is in addition to the regular handful of daily vitamins that should have me sounding like a baby’s rattle when I walk. Nothing has shifted dramatically in the last 10 days but, fingers crossed, the charming lady doc assures me that I’ll be on the comeback trail by the end of 6-7 weeks. I certainly hope so.

It was quite astonishing to hear how many of my girlfriends or family members had been through similar issues with vitamin D at a much less intense level than my latest episode of ‘medical surprises’ — so I would urge any of you who are tired, aching, a bit blue, and brain foggy to get your own vitamin D levels tested with a simple blood test from your family doctor. Who knows what long term damage to your body you might be preventing.

On a happy note, I’ll be making a rather splendid announcement tomorrow about something that has kept me quite focused over the last few weeks — some new work to share with the world that I am quite proud of.

Tune in tomorrow for the really GOOD news!

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