Last Days In London — Not What We Expected To Be Doing!

VERY short post today as a quick catch-up. It’s our last weekend in England and we’re still in London. But we certainly aren’t out in the steamy heat of the day seeing the sights.

We are WORKING all day — finishing up the renovation work on our latest commission. I’m enameling the front of a newly built wardrobe and Mark is refinishing the music room floors. We’re both so tired, but we’re also very proud of the work we have done here.

Deborah enameling the front of a newly built wardrobe

And just wait — you’ll be seeing the photo documentation online at our NEW website in a few days!

Those paragraphs above are going to come as a bit of a surprise for anyone who thinks that I am always a photographer and journalist and marketing consultant. Nope! Part of the time I work with my husband in our building and design company.

We’re leaving London tomorrow afternoon, going up to Norfolk to visit with Mark’s parents for a few days, and then next weekend we’ll be taking a ferry back to France with our new diesel van. And our first stop will be at a chateau in Normandy.

More soon — and a long post will be coming in the next week or two that explains just how we have been able to keep travelling for the last 10 months without settling down and getting ‘proper jobs’ again.

Bye for now!

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