Prepping For A Winter In Europe

Just in case, mind you — just in case we can’t find steel cut porridge oats or my particular brand of shampoo or Mark’s all important wholefoods peanut butter in France or Italy or wherever we might be in Europe, we have done a bit (!) of shopping and placed almost all of it into stackable snap lid bins. Add a bicycle, a ladder, a few wooden boxes of tools, all of our luggage, clothing on hangers, and our bedding (we do love our own Egyptian cotton bed linens and down filled pillows) — and we are going to have a very full van! But now we can head back across the English Channel on the ferry this weekend in a much more organized manner.

Snap lid bins to help us organise what we travel with

Mark has spent part of the last 2 days lining the back of the newly purchased diesel van with a hardboard-plywood decking followed by new carpeting. That should make everything quieter and easier to load in and out of the back in the months to come.

Back of the van lined and carpeted and ready for travel

I’ve finally broken down and purchased an iPhone as a work tool whilst travelling and writing/photographing. And until I explored the APPS area of the iTunes store, I really had no idea how comprehensive the programs on offer were. I have spent a couple of days loading my selection onto the phone — so I’m ready to go.

Selection of APPS for iPhone

Need to run — my label-maker is about to get a workout!

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