The Garage Of Beers?

The Garage Of Beers is the literal translation of this sign for an auto garage in St. Girons in the Midi-Pyrenees of southern France. There are several auto parts, tire dealers, or garages in a one block area and this is one of them.

Funny advertising sign in France stating that 'The Garage Has Beers'

OK??? Not so sure about what goes on behind those garage doors with the two bears drinking beers with a Midi-Pyrenees snow-capped mountain in the background — but it did make me stop, look, and laugh!

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2 thoughts on “The Garage Of Beers?

  1. Chris

    Not sure if it’s the drinking bears, the drinking mechanics, or the drinking customers picking their cars up that is more funny! But you’re right, it does get your attention.

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