Inside the Salvadore Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain

You’ve seen my previous articles and photo essays — the goddess atop the Cadillac — followed by the eggs adorning the exterior facade. So now it’s time to have a wee peek inside the museum.

As I mentioned before, the Salvadore Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain is spread out over 6 levels accessed by stairs, stairs, stairs. So do be prepared for that!

Many of the items on display are either framed and behind glass, surrounded by reflective surfaces, encased within glass boxes, or were completely obstructed by other people in the way. All of those factors limited the amount of photos that I could take which would have even been worth trying to post online. But I think that this sprinkling of images will give you a small bit of insight into a very complicated mind. Whether it was drawing, painting, sculpture, film, or jewels — Dali seems to have been inspired to work in a variety of artistic mediums.

The final photograph was taken in a room full of jewelery and small carved objects — and I found it rather poignant that he chose to be there at the end, surrounded by the work that he created with love.

Take your time when you go to this museum — there is quite a lot to see and absorb.

Nose of the black Cadillac within the central courtyard


Goddess riding atop the Cadillac in Dali’s courtyard


Another view of the always busy courtyard


Sculpture niches in the courtyard of the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain


Dali’s humour on display in this vast ‘Sistine Chapel’ ceiling


The chairs which appear to be so small beneath the painting actually reveal the massive scale of this work of art by Salvadore Dali.


A very large and very lovely painting of women comprised of rock shapes


Dali’s “Soft Self Portrait’


Dali’s tomb within a wall of his museum in Figueres, Spain

Come back soon for more articles and photos of Barcelona and Figueres.

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