Architectural Photos of CCCB Museum in Barcelona

This is a mixed bag of both black and white and colour photography today. These photos give you a brief glimpse of the architecture of the lovely CCCB museum in Barcelona.

Some of the more angular shots were better presented in black and white. For visual punch, I love bright blue-sky days. But more and more often lately I seem to be defaulting back to black and white which returns me to my early days in journalism and blissful hours spent in the darkroom.



Entrance sign at CCCB museum in Barcelona, Spain


Man passing though courtyard entry arch into the CCCB contemporary art museum in Barcelona, Spain with St. Geoge & the Dragon sculpture overhead on building facade.


A St. George & the Dragon sculpture above the archway entry into the CCCB museum in Barcelona, Spain.


Entry-exit ramp at the Barcelona, Spain museum CCCB.


Old meets new in the two buildings housing the CCCB museum of contemporary art.


The crisp geometric angles of the interior lobby in the CCCB museum of contemporary art and culture in Barcelona, Spain.


Escalator to upper galleries at the Barcelona, Spain contemporary museum CCCB.


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6 thoughts on “Architectural Photos of CCCB Museum in Barcelona

  1. Chris

    Interesting architecture for sure. The ‘man’ passing through the courtyard arch looks vaguely familiar. Hmmm….

  2. Deborah Harmes Post author

    Not allowed to name names when you sell images to photo agencies unless they are a celebrity. Does Mark qualify? He’s pretty ‘starry’ to me! (grin!)

  3. carol heilbronner

    Got a beautiful sweater made in Barcelona for Christmas from Jamie.

    Happy new year to you and Mark !

  4. Chris

    I’d say as much as he has been photographed, he should be eligible for “minor internet celebrity” status.

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