Re-Settling Into Australia: Stage One — New Wheels!

My posts have been a bit thin lately because we were recovering from jet lag at the beach in Sydney, then driving from Sydney to Melbourne over a 2 day period, and now we are in the beginning stages of settling into life in Australia again.

Stage One — New Wheels. We purchased Mark’s preferred vehicle today — a Volkswagon Transporter T5. As we took the test drive, I was slightly nervous because it felt simply HUGE after the much smaller Ford Transit Connect that we had enjoyed so much in Europe. Ah well — I’ll cope. And he’ll be the one driving it 99% of the time. I’d prefer to walk, take a tram, or (perhaps!) even buy a new bike and start wheeling around whatever neighbourhood we settle into with my lovely French wicker basket on the front handlebars.


Now isn’t this the most thrilling post you have ever read from me? (smirk!)

Back soon with some travel pics and articles later in the week — really!

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