I mentioned this bit of news in my last post — so it’s time to show you what I’ve been up to since the Christmas holidays.

Rather unexpectedly — and happily — my freelance writing and editing business has taken off — so I did a total facelift of my writing, editing, and photography website.

The interesting thing about the photography is that it sells in fabbo spurts a few times each year. But what stays consistent is the writing and editing work.

The refreshed and relaunched website at deborahharmes.com

The refreshed and relaunched website at deborahharmes.com

Just CLICK ON THIS LINK for the new and improved website!

Give me a few days (I hope!) and I’ll tell you about some of the amazing clients I have had in the last couple of months — everyone from advertising agencies to CEOs of interesting international organisations to medical practitioners to artists and creators. It’s certainly never boring!

Back soon…

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