One wintery morning in the carefree London of the early 1990s, two world travellers from very different parts of the globe happened to meet over a bowl of cornflakes and a cup of tea in the breakfast room of a Chelsea hotel.

Many conversations, auto-train-ferry-trips, and adventures around Great Britain later — they married and and lived for awhile in Norfolk UK before becoming global citizens by residing on 3 different continents (and many different states) over a 20-plus year period. Australia was home for the longest period — most recently with 6 years in Melbourne and 7 years in Central Victoria. But Europe was our favourite place from 2010 to 2013.

Mark & Deborah in Australia

Mark & Deborah in Australia

Deborah is Deborah Harmes, Ph.D. — a full time writer and free-lance journalist and part time photographer and artist. She is the author of 2 non-fiction books of consciousness studies and intuitive visions. She has recently launched a fiction trilogy (the final book due in mid-to-late 2017) and has written for both print and online media for many years.

Deborah also creates Public Relations Packages for global clients including survey and assessment services and the creation of custom print materials such as promotional postcards, banners, brochures, and business cards created using her photography.

Promotional postcard created for GreenWorks Ltd. in Edinburgh

Postcard created for GreenWorks Ltd. in Edinburgh

Mark Harmes has recently embraced his talents as a fine arts painter (finally!) and has also been in the construction trades for almost 2 decades, restoring houses (beautifully!) for a living. In his spare time he is a mad-keen cyclist.

From traditional to contemporary style, Deborah and Mark offer full-service design consultation and renovation services since Mark is a professional tradesman and Deborah was certified as a professional interior designer at a London design school.

Together they have purchased, restored, and sold houses in places around the world.

Currently we’re in Normandy, France (until at least June 2017) with happy hearts about being back in Europe.

Stay tuned to see where we will travel next and where we will end up!

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