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Walking Amongst The Departed

Dappled light danced amongst the stones and sought out every opening in the mature trees overhead. Gravel crunched softly beneath our feet and birdsong filled the air in that quiet place.

Large Monument at Dean Cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland

Our original destination had been the Dean Gallery to view more modern art on display in a historic setting. But alongside the former orphanage from the 1800s, we discovered a wonderful surprise that made us delay our entry to the gallery for awhile.

Dean Cemetery is entered through a small gate in the stone wall that separates the Dean Gallery grounds from the graveyard. Many of the resting places are marked by relatively plain stones with an urn or engraving on the side. But some of the statuary was quite poignant and reflects the Victorian sentiment of the survivors of the occupants of those graves.

Grave statue detail in Edinburgh, Scotland

Grave statue in Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland

It wasn’t a long side trip — an hour at most. But the serenity left a lingering impression and I could understand why families still wish to add their deceased loved ones to this tranquil village of the departed.

Praying grave statue in Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland

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