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Dogged Determination Followed By Patience

Honestly, patience has never been my strong suit and today (and perhaps Monday as well!) are going to be the kind of days that try me to the limit. I am maintaining the stance of this little dog that I passed on the street the other day — trying to maintain my composure, but showing just a WEE BIT of teeth in a semi-growly look.

It has been weeks since our burglary and we are still waiting for the insurance company to pay us. We’ve been reliably informed that it’s ‘in the pipeline’ and Mark will be able to purchase his replacement bikes fairly soon. We could have had all of this resolved by last week, but that would have meant accepting their replacement package of bikes that were NOT the same brand as what was stolen. But I was doggedly determined and I insisted that a replacement policy meant that they would be giving us like-for-like, not like-ish. We had to go and source another batch of quotes for ourselves, submit them, and then wait. But now we’ve been approved for the ‘real deal’ and it’s simply a matter of having the funds actually arrive.

In the meantime, I’ll join the cute little white dog and sit here (kinda-sorta) patiently as I do a HUGE batch of photo editing and send them off to my favorite agencies.

Come back soon!


Small white dog waits patiently for his owner to return from the cafe.

Small white dog waits patiently for his owner to return from the cafe.


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