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Inside the History Museum in Barcelona

As promised, here are images from inside the Museu d’Història de la Ciutat, the city museum of Barcelona.

Museu d’Història de la Ciutat entry sign

After going through several ground floor galleries full of archaeological discoveries from the ancient Roman city beneath Barcelona, visitors enter an elevator and descend several levels until they are two stories beneath their starting point. An audio track played as you enter the elevator reminds you that you are going back 2,000 years in time as you descend.
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7-Roman Column Inscription
8-Roman Mosaic Floor
9- Roman City Ruins With Tourists
10-Ornate Roman Column
11-Clay Wine-Making Fermentation Vats
2-Roman Amphora
3-Roman Decorative Fragments
4-Roman Heads
5-Column Upper Detail
6-Roman City Ruins Beneath Barcelona
7-Roman Column Inscription


This museum was an unexpected discovery. We had arrived in Barcelona with plans to visit several Gaudi sites, the Miro museum, and the Picasso Museum. But this was certainly a place worth devoting an afternoon to!

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