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Nothing like a challenge — or TEN!

You know I’ve given myself a challenge with the novel writing deadlines — but now I am adding to that.

There has been a “Coming Soon” over in the right side column where it says PHOTOS TO PURCHASE for the last couple of years? In the spirit of better late than never, I am putting up an online store that will go live in a couple of weeks. You’ll be able to purchase everything from prints of your favourite pictures or canvas wraps that are ready to hang on the wall, mugs, t-shirts, aprons, and lots more. And since I am outsourcing all of this, you can use your credit card on that site and I won’t have the stress-wrangling of dealing with a shopping cart installation on this site. Whew!

The new photo site will have images broken down into galleries from each of the 12 countries we’ve travelled to over the last 5 years, so it will be easy to work your way through the premium images from all of the tens of thousands that I have shot. Not everything will be on the new photo site — just the best artistic or stock-type images. But if you have a particular image from a past story that is not included, just drop me an email and I will create a custom link for you.

I continue to find funny images like this one below that I never got around to editing. So look forward to the new launch quite soon!


Jack wants some lunch, too!

Jack wants some lunch, too!


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