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A Beauty Break in the Midi-Pyrenees Of France

Life in France is frequently centered on quiet village and rural lifestyles. As a result, the scenery is often quite splendid even if the instant gratification of 21st Century amenities are somewhat lacking.

This charming view was taken on a roadside in the Midi-Pyrenees somewhat near the picture in a previous article about the Cathar ruin that we passed whilst driving back to France from Spain — “Slivers Of History On The Side Of The Road In France.


View of a rural village & countryside in the Midi-Pyrenees region of France from the D117 roadside.


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Bye, Bye Edinburgh and Hello Borders

Quite a few people claim to live an eco-friendly life, but very few of them actually live by those principals to such an extent as those we met in Scotland.

Stop and think of how challenging your life would be if you tried eschewing a motor vehicle altogether, cycled to work each day, did all of your shopping with a bicycle, and had a small child in tow on a bike cart or in a backpack as you walked. This is exactly how our friends live in their ultra-low-consumer and recycle-everything mode!

Ellie and Baby Sula with their daily form of transportation

Saying goodbye was hard. Our two weeks in Edinburgh had fairly well flown by and we had grown quite attached to our marvelous WorkAway hosts — Ellie, Simon, and the adorable baby Sula. We had driven north to participate in a project at Greenworks and ended up making what we hope are a lifelong friendships.

The winds were brisk and the air was filled with micro-rain. But the scenery at the Borders (where Scotland and England meet) was simply stunning — wild and raw and unforgettable.

Scottish rural landscape

We’re hoping to go back to Scotland before the end of the year — so fingers are firmly crossed!

Gatepost carving on rural fence at the Scottish Borders farm

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